About King Blacktop

The story of asphalt begins thousands of years before the founding of the United States. Asphalt occurs naturally in both asphalt lakes and in rock asphalt (a mixture of sand, limestone, and asphalt).

The first recorded use of asphalt as a road building material was in Babylon around 615 BCE, in the reign of King Nabopolassar. In A Century of Progress: The History of Hot Mix Asphalt, published by National Asphalt Pavement Association in 1992, author Hugh Gillespie notes that “an inscription on a brick records the paving of the Procession Street of Babylon, which led from his palace to the north wall of the city, ‘with asphalt and burned brick.’”

We know that the ancient Greeks were familiar with asphalt and its properties. The word asphalt comes from the Greek άσφαλτος (asphaltos). The Romans adopted the word as asphalton and used the substance to seal their baths, reservoirs, and aqueducts.

Many centuries later, Europeans exploring the New World discovered natural deposits of asphalt. Writing in 1595, Sir Walter Raleigh described a “plain” (or lake) of asphalt on the Island of Trinidad, off the coast of Venezuela. He used this asphalt for re-caulking his ships.

Today, this dark, resilient material covers more than 94 percent of the paved roads in the United States; it’s the popular choice for driveways, parking lots, airport runways, racetracks, tennis courts, and other applications where a smooth, durable driving surface is required. Called at various times asphalt pavement, blacktop, tarmac, macadam, plant mix, asphalt concrete, or bituminous concrete, asphalt pavements have played an important role in changing the landscape and the history of the U.S. since the late 19th century.

With over 30 years of paving experience, King Blacktop is a full-service asphalt paving and maintenance contractor serving commercial and residential customers in Rockford, Byron, Belvidere, and most everywhere in between. The company is owned and operated by John King, a veteran of nearly two decades in the paving and construction trades.

Harnessing the skills, experience, and resources of its hardworking team, King Blacktop provides single-source accountability for a complete range of services, including asphalt paving and sealcoating.