New Blacktop Driveways

The process of constructing an entirely new asphalt surface begins with excavating the site to the proper grade and ensuring that the sub-grade is stable. Next, a stone base is installed to the required thickness. We then grade and compact the base and verify that elevations are sufficient to ensure proper drainage of the site. Finally, we install and compact layers of hot asphalt mix, carefully rolling it to create a smooth, even finish. Once the paving portion of the job is done, we complete the project with line striping, traffic markings, and signage all in conformance with local codes and American Disability Act standards.

Parking Lots

In order to construct a quality asphalt surface to suit your pavement needs, King Blacktop will work with you to determine the most appropriate pavement plan to suit your particular asphalt requirements and budget. Factors we consider when developing a paving and resurfacing plan for your parking lot include:

  • The physical characteristics and condition of your parking lot, including drainage and landscaping
  • Usage factors of the pavement, such as the types and weights of vehicles that will use the parking lot
  • Parking lot traffic flow patterns and safety requirements

Blacktop Repairs & Patching

Eventually, all asphalt surfaces succumb to cracking. Cracks can be caused by many different factors including oxidation from the sun, water penetration, the freeze/thaw cycle, and poor initial paving construction. When water seeps under the asphalt through cracks, it breaks down the rock properties and softens the sub-base. This leads to additional cracking, pothole formation, and other parking lot pavement failures. When it comes to beautifying your parking lot and protecting it against deterioration, sealcoating is one of the most important, yet economical facets of asphalt maintenance and management. Preceded by effective crack repair, sealcoating applied every two to three years can significantly extend the life of your parking lot.

Removal & Replacement

When a parking lot has not been properly maintained, or if it has simply exceeded its life expectancy, the old asphalt may need to be removed and replaced. Once the old asphalt has been removed, we conduct a thorough inspection of the existing pavement base to determine whether additional steps may be needed to prepare the base before we install new asphalt. Conditions which may not be discovered until the old asphalt is removed include mud, shallow utilities, excessive moisture, or an incorrectly installed sub-grade layer. Once deficiencies have been corrected, a stone base is installed, graded, and compacted. The new asphalt is then installed and compacted to finish the process.