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Monroe Center Blacktop & Paving

Blacktop Paving

A residential or commercial paving project can represent a substantial investment, so you always want the results to be long-lasting and look great. There are so many details that your asphalt contractor must address if your results are to be everything that you desire. King Blacktop is the contractor of choice in the Rockford and surrounding areas.


Asphalt is an economical paving choice. But without maintenance, your pavement could require a total reconstruction long before it reaches the halfway point of its expected life. King Blacktop offers all of the services you will need to ensure that your pavement has a long life and ages gracefully.


Winnebago County pavements are subjected to a variety of stresses. Seasonal freeze/thaw cycles, petrochemical leaks from vehicles, sunlight, snowplows, ice storms, and traffic can take a toll on your pavement’s health.


Asphalt installation begins by putting down a layer of stone or gravel. Crushed gravel is popular, as it’s the least expensive base to use for the asphalt. You have choices in the underlay for your asphalt, however, be prepared as different materials have different costs. Once the stone layer has been put in, we move on to the pouring of the asphalt.


Generally, after the stone has been selected and placed where it is needed, the asphalt is next. The gravel extends a few inches past where the asphalt is poured. This is necessary, because if the asphalt extended to the sides of the gravel, dirt or grass, it can easily break off at the sides as there is nothing supporting it. This would make a driveway look unprofessional.


After the asphalt is poured, the surface must be leveled and/or straightened. This is to make sure everything is perfectly level and that there are no bumps or areas that are higher or lower than the rest of the asphalt. When this is finished, asphalt only needs to cool and set up. The time it takes to finish a driveway depends on its size and many other variables.

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